Visual Studio 2015: Code Metrics

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Many of us programmers  have the mentality that it’s just okay to implement codes in anyway as long as it is running. Well to tell you the truth you should already change or move away from that kind of mindset. Software development has its own guidelines like abstraction, refinement, modularity and other same concepts that you can use to guide you during coding and avoid the so-called programming pasta. One tool I use in Visual Studio 2015 is Code Metrics. For today I will show you how to generate Code Metrics on your project. Then I plan to discuss deeper on the different code metrics in the next succeeding articles.

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Microsoft Azure: Azure Table Storage


In today’s article I will discuss about one of the services provided by Microsoft Azure which is the Azure Table Storage. Now a days we are hearing more on NoSQL (Non SQL, Non Relational, Not Only SQL) which is being adapted by some big companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon because of it’s straight forward usage, high scalability, low latency and high performance. Later on this article we will try to create an Azure Storage table using the M.S. Azure portal then will create afterwards a sample table with sample fields using the Azure Storage Explorer.

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C#:Processing Json Data


Whoops…. I was not referring to Jason of Friday the Thirteenth movie but to the JSON or JavaScript Object Notation data. Kidding aside JSON nowadays is the medium of data format interchange used for APIs which previously relies heavily in XML format. In today’s article I would like to show you on how to handle JSON data in terms of Serializing and Deserializing in C#.

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Visual Studio Dev Essentials


Do you want to have the latest tools for application development, free training and access to Cloud Service then good news last November 2015 Microsoft launched a program called Visual Studio Dev Essentials program where in they provide great tools for apps development, apps deployment and also some free access to on demand training like Xamarin and Pluralsight. One good thing about this program is that it’s all free you just need to have an Microsoft Account as login credentials then that’s it you are good to go. Today I will discuss on how to join the program and run through some of the tools and services that they currently offer.

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A primer for Microsoft Bot Framework


Gone are the days for boring apps wherein you just type something then click here click there gone are the days staring blankly on an app or website where there is minimal interaction, bots are the future….  or I’m just getting ahead of myself. Last Microsoft build Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft talked about the possible impacts of Bots in our daily life. He envisioned that the future of computing will revolve on three main actors: Humans, digital assistants and bots. So what are bots ? According to Nadella, Bots are like new applications that people can interact with. With the age of digital assistants booming right now bots can exist as the middle app between humans and assistants or possibly in the near future with other systems like IOT. Nadella also introduced  their own bot framework called Microsoft Bot Framework.

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C#: Enumerations


Enumerations or enums for short is a good programming practice to adapt, for me personally it improves the Readability and Maintainability of  once programs. My experience in enums came from a project where in  we are communicating to server to process the client data. We used enums to check if the request sent to the server was successful or not. To visualize the use of enums I created a sample application to simulate a scenario where connection test with server happens.

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C#: How To Implement Events

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I remember the time when my Team Lead asked me to implement an Event type solution for the problem that we have encountered in our previous projects. It was my first time to implement such technique and I was kinda daunted of the said task. In today’s session I’m going to discuss, in the most simplest manner, about raising and consuming events with and without parameters.


What are Events? Events are way for a Class to provide notifications for its clients. Do you remember when we use a button in a Windows form? When we double click the button it will navigate to Button Click which is an event. It is heavily used in GUI related matters but is still very useful for objects to signal if there were any state changes.

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